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a writer in malamud land or the great spanier purge

Prologue: For those with a short memory, Graham Spanier was the 1986-1991 Oregon State University provost who made a mess of the Oregon State English department, then ran away to the University of Nebraska, from which he ran all the way back east…


Graham Spanier’s favorite troll

Another update: Philly dot com also published an update of the myriad cases in progress because of the Sandusky/Spanier (alleged) crimes. Start here We need to update you on the three-ring Graham Spanier legal circus, then we’ll tell you all about Spanier’s favorite…


Graham Spanier found guilty

Well, it was just a matter of time before Graham Spanier’s legal facade cracked. Today’s revelations about the decades-long history of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes at Penn State explain a lot about the defense tactics the Spanier legal team plans to use in the…


to furman and back

Editors note: The following was originally published in “Pipe Nozzle” by Barry Roberts Greer as chapters titled “Extrication” and “Freedom.” We’re reprinting them here in honor of Muhammad Ali. Extrication Absurdism is not a philosophical stance, it’s not a philosophical system, it’s not…