Update: Lord, after being diminished as a fool by the press and the Penn State BOT, backtracked further and said he won’t seek to return to the BOT after his term ends. That wasn’t good enough. The Board of Trustees wants Lord to resign. Now.

the grand absudity
Now that the trial is over and the truth is out and Spanier has been slapped on the wrist with a misdemeanor conviction for child endangerment, the blame game begins. Or it began the day the jury announced the guilty spanier_arrest_2verdict. One juror said yes, a conspiracy existed, but not to endanger kids, but to protect the reputation of the university and the football program, aka Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno. The foreman of the jury said he regretted the guilty verdict but had no problem sleeping at night. Spanier crony and banker, Al Lord, also a member of the Penn State BOT, ranted the day of the verdict that the victims were to blame. He back-peddled after the BOT issued a statement that their concern was for first and foremost Sandusky’s victims, a slap in Lord’s face. And Spanier’s face. Doesn’t matter; Spanier remains out of jail until sentencing and will remain free after that during the laborious appeal. And one of Spanier’s online supporters, Tim Berton, declared the trial overly emotional and therefore legally invalid, an opinion echoed by other die-hard Spanier supporters who’ll die with that opinion.

mlk_educationBut it’s over. The truth is out. Spanier lied, Curley lied, Schultz lied, Paterno lied. They all worked together for 12 years to protect their reps, which meant enabling and covering for a child rapist at Penn State. Mike McQueary told the truth even if Penn State is adding insult to his wrongful termination injury by challenging the jury and judge award in the McQueary civil suit. Penn State is also suing Spanier for return of his golden parachute and now has official legal evidence that he lied to get that obscene chunk of cash. Spanier is suing the university for breach of contract. Penn State has lost $250 million dollars and is still bleeding cash to pay for Spanier’s final legal maneuvers.

oregon state and nebraska
We’ll let them continue to squabble through further absurdity while we take a close look in the future at the culture that fostered Spanier, the campus culture he nourished that supported the corruption that allowed him to barry roberts greerget away with the conspiracy for a dozen years.

We’ll take a look at Oregon State where Spanier worked from 1986 to 1991 and acted in ways similar to his behavior at Penn State, but did so only because Oregon State University allowed him to do so. He got away with trying to fire an instructor for publishing critical thinking he did not appreciate; in other words, he lied to smear and silence a whistle-blower. Spanier supported and took advantage of nepotism at Oregon State to force the English Department to create a job for his wife, Sandra. Spanier purged the English Department with bogus tenure. But the most egregious aspect of his behavior was that no one spoke up, other than Barry Roberts Greer. So we plan to ask around to find out what Oregon State faculty think now.

We don’t know how things went in Nebraska from 1991 to 1995 when Spanier made the jump back to Penn State for his ill-fated tenure as criminal president, but we’re asking.

We do know that Penn State English has its head in the sand of deep denial. None but one of the English faculty responded to our inquiry, and then with the usual know-nothing snark.

In the meantime, “Spanier’s Father” is being updated and given a new cover.

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