imageAbout CR: We’ve just updated the website for easier navigation and to place editors comments on their own page. For those who fret about the missing apostrophe, don’t worry, so did we during a lengthy staff meeting where the only item on the agenda was whether or not “Editors” should be just plural or plural possessive. After an ugly session, we tabled the matter sine die.

We’ve been around for a while under various names, but our policy remains to promote higher education and attack corruption in higher education. Since colleges and universities spend a lot of time and money doing the former, because, after all, higher ed is big business, we spend most of our time doing the latter.

What you also need to know is that we’re not affiliated with any college or university, although we once were and therefore have insider knowledge on corruption and how it operates on campus. But our independence means we can report on and comment on what we like how we like. And most of content will be comment.

Stop by often, read, then send comment, rant, and threats to, but be advised we do keep email addresses for notification of publication. And you’ll get little if you sue, because we own nothing, which gives us another protection against the never ending attempts to limit speech in higher education. That and cheap computers and ubiquitous WiFi connections.

That and signing our comments as The Editors.