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Spanierism at the University of Oregon

spanierism Spanierism means bloated administrative growth at the expense of teaching. Spanierism means scholars jumping too soon in a career to administration when they have insufficient judgment. Spanierism means treating non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty like chattel who can be fired without cause to free…


professor dimwit

Correction: Professor Magness (mentioned below) does list higher ed policy as an area of expertise on his CV, the last item in an expertise list that first mentions: history of capitalism, slavery and the Civil War, black colonization, and Abe Lincoln. Does this…


Chapter 8 — Yes it does flow downhill (draft)

Editors Note: The usual disclaimer. What follows is fiction by Barry Roberts Greer printed here, though we plan to distance ourselves from any association once our commitment to publish the draft is fulfilled. We had no idea he intended to to this. Chapter…


Adjuncts threaten to walk out on Feb 25

Adjuncts prevent literacy Yet another publication, Salon this time, printed an article about academic sweatshops where non-tenure-able faculty work long hours for lousy pay and no benefits. This labor racket is the worst in English departments that create their own cheap labor and…