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Attack of Max42, academic troll

Updates: Time magazine reported on August 6 about administrative bloat and inflated salaries in higher education. Graham Spanier was the rule, not the exception. Time based much of its reporting on data collected by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. The CCAP…


Chapter 8 — Yes it does flow downhill (draft)

Editors Note: The usual disclaimer. What follows is fiction by Barry Roberts Greer printed here, though we plan to distance ourselves from any association once our commitment to publish the draft is fulfilled. We had no idea he intended to to this. Chapter…


tyrannus ex

Campus Reports news update: Spanier the Movie opened during the holidays to once again attempt to portray Spanier, not the kids, as Sandusky’s victim. The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) added “guidelines” for participation on the listserv as…


Spanier and asle obfuscatory crap

Update: 22 Dec 2013: Spanier’s attorney fired back, of course, after the release of Cynthia Baldwin’s testimony, and called Baldwin a liar who once said Spanier was a man of integrity. Baldwin’s attorney responded by saying Spanier’s attorney quoted Baldwin before Baldwin knew…