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a writer in malamud land or the great spanier purge

Prologue: For those with a short memory, Graham Spanier was the 1986-1991 Oregon State University provost who made a mess of the Oregon State English department, then ran away to the University of Nebraska, from which he ran all the way back east…


Oregon State University and the end of literacy

Disclaimer We love to publish Barry Roberts Greer but disavow affiliation with anything he writes, says, or does now or after he’s dead. Introduction We had Barry Roberts Greer report on the 60% figure used in the media as the percentage of non-tenure-able…


The best damned book on higher education

Forget all the stats and commentary. Read “Notes from the Academic Underground,” the best damned book we’ve found yet on higher education in America. It’s in the top 10 Kindle books on college, and the top 20 on higher education. We quote from…