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Spanierism at the University of Oregon

spanierism Spanierism means bloated administrative growth at the expense of teaching. Spanierism means scholars jumping too soon in a career to administration when they have insufficient judgment. Spanierism means treating non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty like chattel who can be fired without cause to free…


Once more unto the breach

Okay, if you’re new to college teaching as a grad student or one of those former grad students hired off the street to meet enrollment demand, we recommend reading the following title to hang onto your mental health: “Notes from the Academic Underground,”…


Oregon State University and the end of literacy

Disclaimer We love to publish Barry Roberts Greer but disavow affiliation with anything he writes, says, or does now or after he’s dead. Introduction We had Barry Roberts Greer report on the 60% figure used in the media as the percentage of non-tenure-able…


The best damned book on higher education

Forget all the stats and commentary. Read “Notes from the Academic Underground,” the best damned book we’ve found yet on higher education in America. It’s in the top 10 Kindle books on college, and the top 20 on higher education. We quote from…