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Graham Spanier convicted after a career of corruption

Update: A juror in the Spanier trial said the jury knew Spanier feigned ignorance of Sandusky’s crimes. Though he didn’t conspire to harm children, Spanier along with Schultz, Curley, and Paterno did conspire to hide the crimes to protect Penn State’s and their…


the “imperious” spanier goes to trial

Update: ABCNews reported that Spanier’s defense team called no witnesses and the jury has the case now. Spanier never took the stand; so much for his bravado. This may mean the defense is conceding guilt and preparing for appeal. Update: Former Penn State…


Corporate U, Inc.

Cal fires still burn Now four firefighters are injured and at least five people are dead in the Valley and Butte fires of Northern California, each over 70,000 acres now with hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed, looters being arrested, and cadaver dogs…


Spanier’s PR dupes write letters

The letter campaign The first letter appeared April 2 on pennlive.com, and the second letter saw electronic print April 3 on the York Daily News website. Both letters were identical in theme if not language: Graham Spanier is my friend, I’ve known Spanier…