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Graham Spanier’s grand absurdity

Update: Lord, after being diminished as a fool by the press and the Penn State BOT, backtracked further and said he won’t seek to return to the BOT after his term ends. That wasn’t good enough. The Board of Trustees wants Lord to…


Graham Spanier convicted after a career of corruption

Update: A juror in the Spanier trial said the jury knew Spanier feigned ignorance of Sandusky’s crimes. Though he didn’t conspire to harm children, Spanier along with Schultz, Curley, and Paterno did conspire to hide the crimes to protect Penn State’s and their…


Berkeley uses enhanced termination techniques

Bryan College purge and revolt Two stories broke last week that proved yet again that academic freedom is more fiction than fact. The faculty at (William Jennings) Bryan College (“Christ above all”) in benighted backwater Dayton, Tennessee got into a creationism tiff with…


Corporate U, Inc.

Cal fires still burn Now four firefighters are injured and at least five people are dead in the Valley and Butte fires of Northern California, each over 70,000 acres now with hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed, looters being arrested, and cadaver dogs…