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Fred Waage writes a novel(la)

Review of “The Birth Spoon” by Fred Waage East Tennessee State University English professor (since 1978) Fred Waage claimed on the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment chat board that writing literature and criticism are equivalent. Any lit prof can write…


Attack of Max42, academic troll

Updates: Time magazine reported on August 6 about administrative bloat and inflated salaries in higher education. Graham Spanier was the rule, not the exception. Time based much of its reporting on data collected by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. The CCAP…


Elizabeth Dodd and the Stockholm Syndrome

Never Tweet in a Red State Back in December 2013, the Kansas Board of Regents kicked up a little dust among tenured faculty at Kansas tax-supported institutions of higher education by introducing a policy to punish profs for using social media in a…