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Oregon State University and the end of literacy

Disclaimer We love to publish Barry Roberts Greer but disavow affiliation with anything he writes, says, or does now or after he’s dead. Introduction We had Barry Roberts Greer report on the 60% figure used in the media as the percentage of non-tenure-able…


Hate speech and twitter-think

Kudos to David Boren, the University of Oklahoma president who did not hesitate to shut down the SAE fraternity on his campus after the hate speech video surfaced. Sorry, frat boys, the First Amendment protects public speech, but the protection stops with hate…


Spanier and asle obfuscatory crap

Update: 22 Dec 2013: Spanier’s attorney fired back, of course, after the release of Cynthia Baldwin’s testimony, and called Baldwin a liar who once said Spanier was a man of integrity. Baldwin’s attorney responded by saying Spanier’s attorney quoted Baldwin before Baldwin knew…