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Graham Spanier’s favorite troll

Another update: Philly dot com also published an update of the myriad cases in progress because of the Sandusky/Spanier (alleged) crimes. Start here We need to update you on the three-ring Graham Spanier legal circus, then we’ll tell you all about Spanier’s favorite…


graham spanier goes to court (again)

Since former and fired Penn State president, Graham Spanier, managed to get a few felony indictments dropped on a technicality, he’s been emboldened to launch his threatened defamation suits, one against Louis Freeh, the other against Penn State. But every arrogant action generated…


Spanier’s PR dupes write letters

The letter campaign The first letter appeared April 2 on pennlive.com, and the second letter saw electronic print April 3 on the York Daily News website. Both letters were identical in theme if not language: Graham Spanier is my friend, I’ve known Spanier…


Spanier, Freeh, Tennis, and a Book

Spanier’s neverending legal tennis match could cause spectator neck strain with all the back and forth. Spanier’s legal team wants to go to federal court claiming his constitutional right to counsel was violated, among other alleged and fanciful abuses by the Commonwealth of…