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graham spanier goes to court (again)

Since former and fired Penn State president, Graham Spanier, managed to get a few felony indictments dropped on a technicality, he’s been emboldened to launch his threatened defamation suits, one against Louis Freeh, the other against Penn State. But every arrogant action generated…


Penn State hires Spanier to replace Spanier

Update: The New Republic reports that Penn State is already prevaricating about Barron’s appointment. Update: Link to the Florida State University response to the New York Times article discussed below. It’s the usual: denial, blame the victim, denial, spout policy, denial. As that…


Spanier and asle obfuscatory crap

Update: 22 Dec 2013: Spanier’s attorney fired back, of course, after the release of Cynthia Baldwin’s testimony, and called Baldwin a liar who once said Spanier was a man of integrity. Baldwin’s attorney responded by saying Spanier’s attorney quoted Baldwin before Baldwin knew…