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Graham Spanier’s grand absurdity

Update: Lord, after being diminished as a fool by the press and the Penn State BOT, backtracked further and said he won’t seek to return to the BOT after his term ends. That wasn’t good enough. The Board of Trustees wants Lord to…


graham spanier’s alternative reality

Update The culture of corruption defined in the last post now occupies the White House where corrupt and former Penn State president, Graham Spanier, can find work following his March 20 criminal trial on the one felony charge that remains standing after all…


spanier, a culture of corruption, and cultural production

Spanier updates Remember the idiots in the photo above, a photo released by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania attorney general when Spanier (the smiling idiot) and his two lieutenants, Schultz (the one with the Hitler mustache) and Curley (the one to the right of…


graham spanier goes to court (again)

Since former and fired Penn State president, Graham Spanier, managed to get a few felony indictments dropped on a technicality, he’s been emboldened to launch his threatened defamation suits, one against Louis Freeh, the other against Penn State. But every arrogant action generated…