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a writer in malamud land or the great spanier purge

Prologue: For those with a short memory, Graham Spanier was the 1986-1991 Oregon State University provost who made a mess of the Oregon State English department, then ran away to the University of Nebraska, from which he ran all the way back east…


barry roberts greer exposed

Editors note: A while back a Virginia Commonwealth grad student thought himself insightful for exposing Greer for using, like many writers, a pseudonym. What the student failed to understand, having limited imagination and analytical skills, is the possibility that Greer didn’t really give…


Flogging books

The Editors: The following email conversation took place after writer and former comp dog Barry Roberts Greer took Timmy Mayers to task on insidehighered.com for saying Greer used the IHE comment boards to “flog” his indie books. Timothy Mayers teaches English at Millersville…