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The Umpqua (CC) metaphor

Update 16 Oct: The working title for “Kill the English Department” has been changed to “Scone: Yet another academic farce,” which Greer tells us is far more appropriate. Further editing delays have prevented publication until the week of October 18. We’ll see. After…


Graham Spanier and the great adjunct walkout fail

Graham Spanier update First an update on failed, fired, and therefore former Penn State president, Graham Spanier, still collecting a paycheck from Pennsylvania taxpayers while he stalls with appeal after appeal to avoid going to trial for covering up the Sandusky child rapes.…


Elizabeth Dodd and the Stockholm Syndrome

Never Tweet in a Red State Back in December 2013, the Kansas Board of Regents kicked up a little dust among tenured faculty at Kansas tax-supported institutions of higher education by introducing a policy to punish profs for using social media in a…