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Flogging books

The Editors: The following email conversation took place after writer and former comp dog Barry Roberts Greer took Timmy Mayers to task on insidehighered.com for saying Greer used the IHE comment boards to “flog” his indie books. Timothy Mayers teaches English at Millersville…


The Vaillancourt doctrine

Upate: Scott Walker—college dropout, Wisconsin union-busting part-time governor, and full-time presidential candidate—signed legislation stripping tenure from public university faculty. That means loss of statutory protection for tenured faculty, although in theory each campus can protect tenure without state authority. For contingent faculty, which…


Spanier and asle obfuscatory crap

Update: 22 Dec 2013: Spanier’s attorney fired back, of course, after the release of Cynthia Baldwin’s testimony, and called Baldwin a liar who once said Spanier was a man of integrity. Baldwin’s attorney responded by saying Spanier’s attorney quoted Baldwin before Baldwin knew…