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spanier, a culture of corruption, and cultural production

Spanier updates Remember the idiots in the photo above, a photo released by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania attorney general when Spanier (the smiling idiot) and his two lieutenants, Schultz (the one with the Hitler mustache) and Curley (the one to the right of…


professor dimwit

Correction: Professor Magness (mentioned below) does list higher ed policy as an area of expertise on his CV, the last item in an expertise list that first mentions: history of capitalism, slavery and the Civil War, black colonization, and Abe Lincoln. Does this…


Chapter 7 — Deconstruct this (draft)

Campus Update: Graduate art students boycott USC graduation to protest the lies they were told by USC about the MFA program. It seems USC has more deans than faculty and thinks any little dean can run an art program with adjunct faculty. All…


The best damned book on higher education

Forget all the stats and commentary. Read “Notes from the Academic Underground,” the best damned book we’ve found yet on higher education in America. It’s in the top 10 Kindle books on college, and the top 20 on higher education. We quote from…