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Flogging books

The Editors: The following email conversation took place after writer and former comp dog Barry Roberts Greer took Timmy Mayers to task on insidehighered.com for saying Greer used the IHE comment boards to “flog” his indie books. Timothy Mayers teaches English at Millersville…


Chapter 7 — Deconstruct this (draft)

Campus Update: Graduate art students boycott USC graduation to protest the lies they were told by USC about the MFA program. It seems USC has more deans than faculty and thinks any little dean can run an art program with adjunct faculty. All…


Oregon State University and the end of literacy

Disclaimer We love to publish Barry Roberts Greer but disavow affiliation with anything he writes, says, or does now or after he’s dead. Introduction We had Barry Roberts Greer report on the 60% figure used in the media as the percentage of non-tenure-able…